Our Corporate Team

Gev Yeganian “Zazoo”
Head Manager, Corporate Team

Eric Guite "Jester"
Community Events Manager

Savannah Holder "Luna"
Orleans Location Manager

Taylor Ross-Jensen "Pogo"
Orleans Location Assistant Manager

Emma Puddicombe "Sparks"
West End, Morrison Dr Location Manager

Taylor Ryan "Scout"
West End, Morrison Dr Location Assistant Manager

Kyle Ball "Lynx"
Central Ottawa, Lancaster Rd Location Manager

About Us

Welcome to the #StarrFamily!

Starr Gymnastics & Parkour is a positive, bright, happy, fun and family-oriented community for quality non-competitive gymnastics. We believe in an engaging approach to physical literacy through positive role models (our Coaches), inclusive programing (meaning we are accessible for all body types, backgrounds and abilities), and open communication and active participation in our community.

Since our doors first opened in 1999, we have been dedicated to the health and wellness of each and every member… from the tiniest toddlers to the most eager teens!

We have since grown to 3 locations, serving all of Ottawa and we see over 25,000 children per year as a part of our:

We continue to grow and improve our programming, services and facilities with feedback from amazing people like you, and we are honoured that you have decided to share your journey with us!

Vision & Mission

We believe that Gymnastics should be a part of everyone's life. Not just the 0.01% that will go to the Olympics, but especially the 99.99% who will go on to be more confident, flexible, strong and coordinated because of their adventures in our gym. Our values are simple:

Great Exercise: We believe in top level programing and quality gymnastics instruction. Kids that come and take classes with us will benefit from the full-body workout of gymnastics, while learning to flip, twist and cartwheel all over the place. We design and refine our lesson plans to keep up with physical literacy standards, while staying ahead of the curve for fitness trends that positively impact children.

Great People: If there is one thing that stands out at Starr, it’s our Staff. We have the most rigorous hiring and training process, an open-door customer feedback policy and constant training and development of our Coaches and Entertainers. All of this is to make sure we have the best team, and your children get the best coaching. We learned very quickly that a Coach is a child’s hero, and while we don’t wear capes, we live up to the expectation.

Great Fun: Working with kids for 20+ years reminds us every day that if something isn’t enjoyable, the kids won’t do it. Everything that has the Starr name on it – from our Social Media posts, to our facility walls to the lesson plans we facilitate weekly – is engaging, dynamic, memorable and FUN! Our amazing staff bring each lesson to life and it’s never a surprise when your little one’s favourite time of the week is Gymnastics Day!

We believe that fitness, and more specifically gymnastics, is a lifestyle. It’s not just what we do… It’s WHO WE ARE! We look forward to sharing the journey with you.